#1 Bladder Issues And Autism? von jennermack 04.05.2018 11:07


A question I've been pondering for some time but only just now decided to ask.
To start I'll admit that I'll have what I would describe as a...sensitive bladder? Oftentimes my bladder will be bothering me like crazy and I'll run to the bathroom even though only a few drops will come out. I have to go maybe once an hour. The worst thing is that people do notice and comment on it which makes me feel embarrassed and ashamed and also kind of gross.
My question though is that is there a correlation between what I just described and autism? My suspicions say that it might be something to do with sensory stuff, but I don't know. I'm curious to hear your thoughts.
edit: just gonna clarify that I don't wet the bed or have accidents or anything like that. I just have the constant need to go to the bathroom even if I really don't.

Any help will be apprecited.

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